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Posted on April 21st 2017

Lunch at the Rotary Club

Being invited for lunch at the Rotary Club is an honour and opportunity one cannot reject. I was given the chance to discuss my studies, aspirations and career prospects in an elite club with highly experienced Rotarians. Nurgul and I made our way to Chislehurst Golf Club where we were greeted by honorary members who welcomed us with the greatest respect, which made us feel very comfortable. We used this opportunity to interact with other members and students from nearby Bromley County Schools; Hayes and Buller’s Wood.

Lunch was served promptly at 1.00 pm and my small speech was getting closer by the minute. However, as I entered the dining hall, the art and history elevated my inspiration to express myself in the best way I could. The encouragement and support from the fellow Rotarians made me feel comfortable to speak about my relationship with the school and my ambition to pursue Psychology on a deeper level at University. At the same time using this opportunity to express the importance of mental health and how it can drastically change the lives of students. The key trend I found in the students who eloquently gave their speeches, was how we all shared a common interest in helping others whether that be joining charities or taking on leadership roles in a school environment. This was something that stood well with the Rotarians and is a key part of their International Club.

We were then greeted by Chief Councillor of Bromley who showed a keen interest in each of the students taking part. He raised our issues further when giving his speech where he summarised each of our talks in his own words and desired to raise these points in the future. We also had the chance to talk to him further and discuss the issues in an informal manner, which again made me feel at ease.

Overall, Nurgul and I are truly grateful for this opportunity as we were given the chance to talk and meet with highly experienced professionals who show a keen interest in the future of our lives. In addition, I am honoured to represent Harris Girl’s Academy Bromley in a positive light where young girls are ambitious for their goals and express themselves, to inspire others.

By Ammarah - Year 13