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Retweetd From Harris Sixth Form

invite you to their Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 23 November 2017 from 5.00 - 7.30 pm.


.SaveTheDate: Parent Forum Group meeting is on 5 December, 6.15-7.15pm


Reflections this week is a discussion about the refugee camps in Calais, the journey that a lot of Syrians have made and the risks that they have taken to get where they are now.


Retweetd From Harris Bromley D&T

Rapid prototyping and an awful lot of making (bring on the winter fair) in our KS3 clubs today.


: The Academy will be partially closed on Friday 8 December. Yrs 7-10: Will be set work to complete at home for hand in, on Monday 11 December. Yr 11: Will be required to attend the Academy as usual, in full uniform, from 8.25am to 2.50pm.


Testing Day for prospective Y7 is on 8 December. .SaveTheDate:


Our numeracy challenge this week is to make 203. How close can you get? Try your hand at our time challenges


Word of the week is modicum. Challenge: Can you think of sentence to best use this word?


Retweetd From Harris Federation

13 - 17 November 2017 Harris Academies


Mind growth set covers mind maps this week. Students will get the opportunity to create their own as part of todays task.


Please note that the timing of this event has changed to 4.30-7.00pm, per the letter sent home


Please note that the timing of this event is now 5-7pm


Reflections this week is about law - a comparison to those in and outside of the UK. Delving into some world wide cases, brought to us by the media.


.SaveTheDate: Y11 Parent/Carers Evening - 29 November, 6-7pm


Quote of the week: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi


Retweetd From UCAS Online

Not sure which career is right for you? 😨 Try our short, fun buzz quiz! ❓


Retweetd From Harris Experience

'To learn about life, you need to go outside your comfort zone' is the current topic of consideration for Year 11 Harris Experience students


Retweetd From Harris Experience

10 questions for our students to discuss this afternoon - based on a wide array of current affairs and issues


Retweetd From Harris Experience

Discussion of the themes and ideas from yesterday's news, and an opportunity to reflect on questions they raise


Retweetd From Harris Experience

Discussing recent news articles - fascinating to hear the variety of opinions on display

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Latest News

Posted on October 25th 2017


HGABR has its first ever trip to NASA!

28 students and 5 staff members are on an experience of a life time as they embark on an exciting trip to NASA Cape Canaveral, Florida. This trip was open to all year groups with the proposed itinerary below. 

Day 1

Depart London & transfer to Hotel

Day 2

Universal Studios Florida

Day 3

Visit Miami Beach

Day 4

Universal - Islands of Adventure & Educational Program

Day 5

Kennedy Space Centre - Up Close Tour & Lunch with Astronaut

Day 6

Boggy Creek Airboat ride & NBA Basketball Match in Orlando

Day 7

Shopping &  Depart Orlando

Day 8

Arrive home

Keep an eye below as we update this page with pictures from the trip, as it takes place!

Day 1 - Packed and ready for lift off!

25 10 2017 NASA (2)25 10 2017 NASA (1)25 10 2017 NASA (3)25 10 2017 NASA (4)

The first day in Florida was an absolutely fantastic day for staff and students. The students day began with an early breakfast and transfer to Universal, for a behind the scenes tour. The staff at Universal were very impressed and stated that our girls were one of the best groups that they had ever had, saying specifically that they were extremely impressed with their enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge and adventure. 

26 10 2017 nasa 3

26 10 2017 nasa universal group shot

Onwards to NASA training!

Our girls' learnt about the logistics of a launch (history etc) and astronaut necessities like using the facilities and eating, with all groups launching a mission in the discovery simulator.

27 10 2017 NASA (7)

The early start of 6:30am was well worth it. The group left for NASA training at 7am and were climbing the anti-gravity wall and spinning on the multi-axis trainer by 10:30am. The girls were a credit to the academy and successfully landed their shuttles during mission control.

27 10 2017 NASA (3)27 10 2017 NASA  (5)

After leaving the centre they headed to the beach and while the teachers relaxed, the girls had fun in the waves.

27 10 2017 NASA (2)

The evening was simply magical as the group watched an NBA basketball game. Orlando Magic smashed the San Antonio Spurs out of the park and Harris Bromley made the jumbotron. 

27 10 2017 NASA

The group got to visit the Kennedy Space Centre, with a cinematic experience about the History of Space travel and NASA...only for the screen to left and reveal Atlantis, a space shuttle that went on 33 return trips to space.

27 10 2017 NASA  (4)

Our girls spent some time exploring the centre and enjoyed experiencing the launch simulator. Then followed a lunch with Jon McBride, where the girls were able to ask questions about his experiences in space

27 10 2017 NASA  (3)

Soon after, the group headed off to the launch sites to learn more about space travel and the incredible work of NASA staff. A truly priceless and humbling experience. To stand beneath Saturn 5 was unbelievable! 

27 10 2017 NASA  (2)27 10 2017 NASA  (1)

The last day of adventures had the group wrap up warm for an early (and breezy) airboat ride at the Alligator Sanctuary, Boggy Creek.

NASA 2017 (9)NASA 2017 (8)NASA 2017 (7)

Students got to meet a lady from the local tribe and sang her song of friendship before heading off for some final indulgence at the Premium Outlet .... something the teachers definitely enjoyed on their final afternoon.

NASA 2017 (4)

It was a fantastic week and all were very sad that it was over.

The girls were a credit to all, on what has been an exceptional trip!