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New Build Information

Harris Girls' Academy Bromley is part way through an extensive £14 million new build project due for completion in September 2016 and renovations in our main building due for completion by December 2016.

South elevation


So far we have seen the opening of the new canteen which hosted the Summer 2015 Performance, followed by the Academy's change of name. Now we are welcoming a new three storey building with state of the art facilities for use from September 2016.

Keep up to date via our website for new photos as they get uploaded over the year.




So far:

  • The new canteen opened in September 2015, having played host in the summer to our students amazing performances;

October 2015

  • One block has been removed to pave the way for our 3 storey new building and brand new sports hall;
  • Harris Girls' Academy Bromley Logo makes an appearance on the front of the Lennard Road building;
  • The ground floor of the new block is well underway;

November 2015

  • Progress has been made as we move onto the first floor, now walls are starting to appear;
  • Second floor is beginning to materialise;
  • The new sports hall is starting to gain some height;

December 2015

  • Topping off ceremony was on 16th December 2015 to mark the last piece of concrete to be laid;
  • The sports hall and new 3 storey block have reached their final heights as we now move onto the roof, exterior walls and eventually the interior;

North Elevation

January 2016

  • Window silhouettes are starting to emerge,
  • Ground work is being laid in the court yard area.

February 2016

  • Some of the windows are being fitted;
  • Electrical work and interior is now in full swing.

March 2016

  • We finally get to have a look around the inside of the new build;
  • The new Sports Hall is looking great;
  • The render is being applied.




April 2016

  • The new Sports Hall is now rendered;
  • Onwards to finishing off the interior.

May/June/July 2016

  • Staff are having tours around the new building and the excitement is growing for moving in day.

August 2016

  • Furniture is being moved in and classrooms are starting to take shape.

IMG_5157 IMG_5152IMG_5151IMG_5153IMG_5144IMG_5140

September 2016

  • The building is complete and we have officially moved in!