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Sixth Form

Harris Girls' Academy Bromley has a co-educational Sixth Form that is diverse, successful and growing. Students are seen as young leaders, able to adopt a mature, enquiring and committed approach to their studies and aiming for the highest levels of achievement. Although we are an all girls' school from Year 7-11, the academy benefits greatly by being a co-educational Sixth Form.

At Harris Girls' Academy Bromley our Sixth Form is overseen by two Coordinators that specialise in coaching and monitoring our sixth formers. Each Coordinator has responsibility for the care and wellbeing of their tutor groups.

Ms Smith

Miss Heaton-Armstrong  

Coordinator of Sixth Form

Coordinator of Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form is federated with Harris Post 16 and students on occasion may travel between some of our various campuses. Where any student should need to travel across site for lessons, each coordinator will ensure that these students are also guided and encouraged within their further studies.

As part of the Harris Federation, our academy benefits from a wide range of university and business partnerships, including programmes with King’s College and Imperial College, London and PricewaterhouseCoopers. These partnerships help to develop both the skills and expectation in our students to apply successfully to top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

For those wishing to move forward with apprenticeships, our careers advisor is on site once a week to have one-to-one meetings and work in collaboration with external providers to ensure students have all the information nesseary when moving onwards in the careers.

For information on Harris Federation Sixth Form and what the Bromley campus is about, please click the below image:

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What is it like in our Sixth Form and why come to Harris Girls' Academy Bromley Campus?

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