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Retweetd From KFH Bromley

The Branch Directors of attended a very successful careers day . Sixth Form Faculty Director: “student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive & this would not have been possible without Victoria & Emily’s enthusiasm & KFH’s support.”


We are proud to announce that we have come 1st out of 54 similar schools across England! This is a huge achievement and something all of last year’s parents, staff and especially students should feel incredibly proud of.


The DFE have published league tables and comparisons based on last year’s GCSE results, comparing ‘Similar Schools’ across England which have a similar intake in Y7 based on KS2 data.


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

It’s Thursday fun again here with the - breaking down cricket 🏏 into its elementary skills.


Retweetd From Cecilia Stinton

Had all the fun w sparky Year 9 this week exploring w top ladies


Retweetd From Miss CH

Thank you so much for having us for a tour and workshop yesterday. Our year 10 and 12 students from had a great day and loved experiencing the grandeur of the House of Lords!


What is Time to Talk day all about? It's a chance for all of us to talk about mental health, to listen, to change lives. The more conversations had, the more myths we can bust.


HGABR is supporting Day all next week - to talk day is 6th February and we will be joining in to help change the way we all think and act about mental health problems.


Retweetd From Harris Federation Chinese

What a magnificent Chinese New Year across , truly inspiring cultural immersion for more than 3000 pupils across 15 academies! 新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year!


Thank you to everyone that gave their time today to speak to our students and the different career options out there. Your wealth of knowledge and experience will help our students decide on their next exciting steps!


Thank you for sharing your time with us.


Retweetd From Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, Nursing Associates

Amazing to be able to display our pop-up banner. This & the two posters from our are a great way of sharing the of current with students .


Next week is Youth Mental Health Week and we will be providing a number of opportunities for our students and staff to engage in meaningful discussions and take action with regards to Mental Health.


Retweetd From Forward Teaching

Join for a 'behind the scenes' exclusive as we join for a careers fair! We will be going live throughout the day, sharing the highlights and excitement of the careers fair - make sure you join us! Head over to our Facebook page


Retweetd From Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, Nursing Associates

Excited to be attending this event today. Look out for our stand and come over and say Hi, if you'd like to learn more about the role. are a great way to earn & learn at the same time. VC


Retweetd From Forward Teaching

Join for a 'behind the scenes' exclusive as we join for a careers fair! We will be going live throughout the day, sharing the highlights and excitement of the careers fair - make sure you join us! Head over to our Facebook page


HGABR is holding its careers fair this week - 30 January 2020. Students will get to meet a range of employers to find out more about different careers, to build on their future ambitions. Former alumni will also be in attendance.


Retweetd From Laurence Holmes

brilliant day with Toni the Head of Dance - passionate and articulate about her vision for a primary dance curriculum certainly a great member of the team


Retweetd From Naomi

Such a touching message from a former student of demonstrating how rewarding it can be to visit your old school!


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

Our 'practical' subject training day is today! ! A huge thank you to our brilliant consultants & subject-leads!

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Jack Petchey Winners

Winners for 2016-2017 are...


Eve - 7G2

  • Very dedicated.
  • Loves to engage herself in everything and is extremely talented in sport.
  • Always able to cheer others up.

Thea - 7G2

  • Being a good team leader
  • Very resourceful
  • A good friend to have especially when someone is scared and doesn’t understand.

Mahdeia - 8B1

  • Always shows commitment in all her lessons
  • Supportive to other students
  • A key member of the Robotics Club

Hana - 9R1

  • Good, positive attitude to everything she does.
  • Caring, kind and considerate.
  • Passionate, tenacious and an asset to the Debating team, she speaks honestly and enthusiastically

Fanta - 10Y2

  • Always there to help anyone who needs it and is never judgmental.
  • She is encouraging and everyone values her bubbly and cheerful personality.
  • A great friend to have look out of you.
  • Hardworking and always tries her best.
  • Participated in the language leader’s visit to a primary school and helped children learn French

Yasmin - 11

  • Inspiring others to do well in the GCSE’s, pushing them to try their hardest and succeed.
  • Tries her hardest inside and outside of school.
  • Works hard and is very determined and has shown great motivation and support throughout every year.
  • Always has a smile on her face and always tries to cheer other up.

Maisha - 12G

  • She is loyal, respectful, trustworthy, caring and kind.
  • Always ready to help anyone at anytime
  • Contributes in many school activities.
  • Gives 100% in effort in every lesson.
  • Attends the Student Commission every Friday to help with improving the school.
  • Helps the younger years in the school with their reading

Shantasia - 7Y1

  • Has shown incredible attitude to both her PE lessons and extra curricular PE clubs. 
  • She has represented the Academy in rounders, also captaining the side.  She is a regular attender at athletics club where she has excelled in both 100m and the shot putt

Ella - 10G2

  • She is extremely hard working and polite.
  • Won Gold which was the best in the school, for the UK Maths Challenge


Winners of 2015-2016

Naomi – 7B1

  • She is kind, caring and always happy.
  • Always willing to help others out if they are struggling.
  • Great team player and participates in every lesson.

Rhianna – 8Y1

  • Always tries her hardest, and is committed to everything she does.
  • She is kind, helpful, understanding and caring.
  • She is good at everything she does and is modest about it.

Joanna – 9Y1

  • She is kind, caring, always willing to help others out and is a good friend to have.
  • Always well behaved and committed to everything she does.
  • She is a focused and dedicated student.

Thanchanok - Y10

Lexie - Y11

Chloe - Sixth Form