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We watched the sunrise as we departed Camp Titicaca. We are now on our way to Cusco to prepare for our 5 day trek to Machu Picchu beginning tomorrow at 3am!


As we head into the final week of the year, this is a polite reminder to ensure that your child has 100% attendance, as we will continue to learn until the end of the day on Friday. We hope you have a fantastic Summer!


This morning we had an amazing view of the sunrise over Lake Titicaca from our tents on the beach.


Yesterday we enjoyed a boat trip to the Uros Reed islands where we learned about their way of life. Then onto Taquile island for lunch, and a BBQ for dinner by the beach.


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WORDFest officially opened by Sir Dan Moynihan!


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What a spectacular view!


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Well done to Ayesha and Mishka for coming 2nd and 1st, in their respective year group 100m race


The tracks are being set up for today’s Federation Sports Day.


The Sports Day is here! Good luck to all participants who have spent the last few weeks practising and competing in heats for today's finals.


The penultimate countdown numbers game total is 415. Can you reach the total using 25 6 9 5 3 3?


This weeks must read book is about a girl that was abandoned and grows up in an eccentric household, among the servant quarters, where she hopes for her mum to come and find her.


Word of the week is quintessential. As we end the term, the prize draw for this terms looms closer.


We have arrived at our second camp, Camp Titicaca on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Another fantastic welcome greeted us.


Visiting the ancient Moray ruins today on our last day at Camp Moray. Tomorrow we head to Lake Titicaca.


End of term - 19 July 2019, 12.40pm finish For more calendar reminders, visit our website:


HGABR - Most Creative Winner at the Floral Fest.


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Congratulations to winners 'most creative' 'highly commended: Bromley High Streets turns into a sea of planters

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Posted on May 14th 2018

Book Review - One Day

One Day, by David Nicholls


Dexter and Emma meet on their last day of college, in England, in 1988 and share experiences over their lifetime; sometimes together but mostly apart. Each chapter of this book tells the story of the same day over a twenty year period, July 15th, St. Swithin’s Day

The novel visits these characters lives, year on year, following their geographical relationship as well as their emotional one. The two are somehow always tied together, whether just thinking of the other or in some other tether. As with all stories with a similar theme, the reader knows that they should be together, long before this happens.

At first glance the story strikes a surprisingly similar note to that of ‘When Harry Met Sally’, with a similar format to that of ‘Same time, Next Year’. However, well before the half way mark, it is clear that this story develops away from these, becoming a story of its own; with descriptions and dialogue giving great laugh out loud moments.

Although a funny read, the actual subject matter is not uplifting as it often seems that the characters are determined to be unhappy – especially with the ending leaving me both shocked and unsatisfied (don’t worry, no spoiler alert).

‘One Day’ (a popular selection for club books), is an enjoyable read that is likely to keep you wanting to see how the story of Dexter and Emma plays out. The writing and characterisations are excellent. As long as you go into this book not thinking it’s an upbeat, heart-warming tale, you probably won’t be disappointed.

NB: The author has developed a screenplay from the book and the feature film ‘One Day’ was released in 2011 starring some recognisable actors.


By Melisa - Year 9