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Proceeds will go back to the Art and DT department


The Christmas stalls are open for purchasing your trinkets, before our Carol Concert.


Reflections this week is about the use of advertising to promote political messages. Students will explore the recent supermarket chains 'banned' advert, the petitions and awareness of the campaign behind the advert and whether this is the correct way to get the message across.


An amazing trip that took place last year. Sign up for next year is now under way.


Countdown this week continues with the challenge of reaching 401. How close can you get?


Once again we aim to raise awareness for the homeless. Homelessness can effect anyone & HGABR is trying to do its part by collecting donations of clothing & food, in conjunction with Holy Trinity Church. Please drop off your donations to the school.


As part of our continued literacy programme, students will explore a group read and discussion session on the topic of 'grandparents - key to tackling youth anxiety epidemic'. KS4 will continue a further discussion on the pay gap within ethnic minority academics.


This weeks book of the week is in line with the current Christmas theme.


Help support Miss Bellinger's coffee morning, in raising awareness for the charity Whizz Kids - Tuesday 11th December 2018. Recommended donations of between 50p and £1 per cake/slice. The stools will be open at break and lunch time in the main hall.


School breaks up at 12:40pm on Friday 21 December 2018


Numeracy challenges this week continue with our countdown game (the magic number is 258), followed by a couple of other style quizzes, to get your brains working.


This weeks Must Read book is Jacqueline Hyde, by Robert Swindells. What seems fun at first, soon takes over. How can you go back when the bad side wont let you?


Reflections this week is all about feminism. Students will explore what they already know and what the definition of feminism actually stands for.


This weeks puzzle is: Just one positive integer (whole number) has exactly 8 factors including 6 and 15. What is the integer?


As part of our group literacy discussion, students will read up on the attached article, looking at the key points of the article, the issues raised and there own thoughts on these topics.


Word of the week is propaganda. This word is often found within the subject of History, but students should explore how they can use this word in their work this week.


Parent and carers: Have you recently moved or changed your telephone number? Then please email us your new details on


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Interesting opportunities for applicants.


Banding Day is 14th December 2018. Letters inviting students to their test session will be posted out in due course.


HGABR is holding a silent auction for some of its amazing prints. Check out the link for photos of the work up for auction and details on how to bid and where the money is going back to.

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Posted on July 18th 2018

Christie's Art Auction

Students from many of the Harris Academies got a chance to sell their personally made art pieces at Christie's Auction House on Wednesday 18th July 2018.

A short exhibition was followed by each group presenting their work and contextualising their pieces to the buyers. Finally, as one student from each group played the role of the auctioneer, the bidding commenced.

Well done to our students who raised an amazing £150 for Charity and a total of £2800 from all Academies.

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This piece was inspired by the photographic prowess of David Hockney and Annette Messager’s use of installation techniques to emphasise the representation in her photography. We recently took part in the Duke of Edinburgh award and this experience led us to recognise the disjoint between the landscapes found in rural and urban areas. Whilst we were on our expedition we photographed ourselves in and amongst nature to represent the coming together of city dwellers in an unfamiliar rural environment. The disjointed and disconnected feelings we recognised were emulated when we investigated the collage and almost cubist style of Hockney’s work. We then visited the Tate Modern and photographed the brutalist architecture, synonymous to urban areas and the ever expanding city skyline of London. We used a film camera, requiring us to develop the photographs in the dark room. This gave us time to dwell on the objects in the photographs we had taken and how these relate to the theme. We created our collage using the juxtaposition of urban and rural images. Hockney purposefully does not create clean, straight edges in his work which emphasises the lack of boundaries in his photography. We used a similar technique to remind us that a world still lies outside of the captured frame, something we must remind ourselves - our world does not finish at end of zone 7.