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Parents! Needs some help understanding UCAS applications, deadlines, student finance? We have info just for you! Sign up here.


Masterclasses running this half term can be found via the below link:


If you haven't already done so, why not read the weekly 'must read' books - our next one is a spine-tingling thriller by Sue Wallman.


Mindfulness this week continues with a NNJR of how stress and feeling anxious, affects the body. Students will cover meditation exercises and the benefits of these exercises for young people.


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Harris Girls' Academy Bromley is hiring . Apply now


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The action continues in the labs of with the trainees completing a different set of practicals.


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Our trainees are loving getting involved in the sessions to help to develop their skills! Thank you to the incredible Miss Dent and Miss Ellison training


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Our trainees are in labs at practising the GCSE required practical tasks. Today they are scientists, biologists, chemists, physicists... and amazing, all at the same time.


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Our &T trainees are taking advantage of our of academies by working with the brilliant Amy French from !


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The &T trainees have started their training day with a focus on ! They're &making characters from fabric!


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We've had a great start to our training day ! &T and trainees


HGABR are teaming up with the Bromley Rotary Club as part of the Youth Awards 2018.


Quote of the week: "Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." George Washington


Our students enjoyed helping out with , while wearing their t-shirts with pride


It was a pleasure to help out


Try your hand at our other math's tutor programme challenges this week.


This weeks group read item is about the news item surrounding judges that are in line for a £60k pay rise. Students will be asked to summarise the main points of the article and discuss their thoughts in groups.


Y11 Mock exams are coming up after the half term, so don't forget to put into practice your NNJR revision techniques.


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Online challenges and peer pressure - advice for parents and carers to help start a conversation with young people about the risks associated with online challenges.


Reflections this week is looking at the use of stereotypes and how this effects peoples perception in regards to the workforce and other areas.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














FAQ and Answers

Q: What makes HGABR special?

At Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley, we aim to ensure that every student is inspired and supported to achieve her personal best in a creative and enterprising culture where learning comes first. Through the development of our learning ethos of CORE, we encourage the girls to become Committed, Optimistic, Resilient and Enterprising.

We believe that every girl can and should achieve their full potential, and our commitment is one of ensuring our students develop a love of learning, a passion for enquiry and enterprise and a dedication to being the best that they can be.

Q: What is the school's admissions policy?

To find out more about our admissions policy, please click on the following link:

Admissions Policy and guidance

Q: When is Open Evening?

Our Open Evening is on Monday 25th September 2017, from 5.00pm-8.00pm.

Our Open Mornings are Tuesday 26th September to Friday 29th September 2017, 9.00am-10.00am.

Q: How do you help girls settle in?

From the moment the new Year 7 girls arrive at the beginning of September, we help them to feel welcome, settled and cared for.

On their first day, every girl is assigned to one of our four Faculties. Girls identify with their Faculty, which provides a real sense of belonging to a smaller unit within the Academy. Every girl has a Faculty Director and a Faculty Tutor, who take personal responsibility for coaching them, setting goals with them and making sure they settle in well and that they achieve.

Q: What opportunities are there for students wishing to progress within STEM?

We passionately believe in educating young women for the future and with specialisms in Science and Enterprise we are working hard to create opportunities for girls to be successful in STEM subjects.

The Engineers of Tomorrow Lego Robotics Club and Nasa Trip are to name but two of the academy's extracurricular enrichment within STEM subjects.

Q: What other extra-curricular activities are on offer?

The academy provides both before and after school enrichment activities. Please see our enrichment offers for further details using the link below.

Enrichment programme


Q: How does the school ensure that children are safe?

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, every day. Your child and their health and safety, is our number one priority.

As part of our safeguarding practices, all our staff, visitors, parents/carers and students work together to know the rules about keeping children safe. Through providing a caring, safe and stimulating environment which promotes the social, physical and moral development of all our students, we aim to foster an atmosphere of trust, respect and security.

Safeguarding policy


Q: How does the academy deal with bullying?

Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley does not tolerate bullying in any form. All members of the academy community are encouraged to respect each other and students are encouraged to talk about problems they may encounter.

The issue of bullying is taken very seriously and is addressed within the academy curriculum through the tutorial programme.

Anti-Bullying policy


Q: How will I know how my child is progressing?

Students will complete end of half termly assessments in English, Math’s and Science. In all subjects they will be assessed each term. These assessments will be marked and given a percentage score which will be converted into a Most Likely Grade at GCSE.

Each term parents/ carers will receive a data report. Each data report will show a target grade and a Most Likely Grade (MLG) for each subject.

At the end of each term parents/ carers will also receive a report stating their child’s effort, attitude to learning, homework and contribution in lessons. In addition to this a full written report will be received once a year.

Please see our Assessment and Reporting policy, to be used in conjunction with our Teaching and Learning policy.

Q: What are your recent exam results?

2017 has seen the academies best results so far.

HGABR achieved its best ever GCSE results, with 80.4% (basics 4+) A*-C or 4 and above grades in English and Math’s, compared to 66% last year and 53.3% (5+).

The percentage of students achieving the EBacc (4+; A*-C or 4 and above in the core academic subjects) was 52.3% this year - up from 39% last year, against a national average of 23% in 2016.  (EBacc 5+ 43%).

7 girls achieved the new 'super grade' 9 in English with 13 grade 9's between them. 67% of those who sat Latin GCSE achieved an A/A*. 

The un-validated Progress 8 is +1.09 – validated data is published in January 2018.


66% of students achieved at least five A*-C grades including English and math’s and 39% achieved the demanding Ebacc.

Progress 8 is 0.3 as confirmed with the validated data published in late January 2017; Attainment 8 was 52.85. This is very pleasing given that this was the first time that the national cohort was judged on progress rather than 5A*-C grades.

For a further breakdown of our results for GCSE and A Level, please click the below link.

Exam results breakdown.

2017 GCE and GCSE results news articles.

Q: How is your coeducational Sixth Form working?

Harris Girls' Academy Bromley has a coeducational Sixth Form that is hugley successful, diverse and growing. HGABR 2017 A Level results were also incredible, with the pass rate across all subjects at 100%; A* and A grades up 12 percentage points on last year, taking the total to 22%, and over half of students achieved A*-B grades. The average grade was a B which is a grade higher than up from a C in 2016.

Students are seen as young leaders, able to adopt a mature, enquiring and committed approach to their studies and aiming for the highest levels of achievement. Although we are an all girls' school from Year 7-11, the academy benefits greatly by being a co-educational Sixth Form.

Q: How is Sixth Form different to KS3 and KS4?

Most Sixth Formers find the Sixth Form in the Harris Federation and at our campus, a bridge between the structure and discipline of school life and the independence of university life. Our Sixth Formers have a number of free study periods added into their timetables, which are used to travel between the Sixth Form Campuses, depending on lessons, or where they can use the facilities on site to manage their time, workload and self-study effectively. Lessons within Sixth Form also have more emphasis on discussions and independent research.

Sixth Form Provision

Q: Do many students in your Sixth Form move onto University or apprenticeships?

As part of the Harris Federation, our academy benefits from a wide range of university and business partnerships, including programmes with King’s College and Imperial College, London and PricewaterhouseCoopers. These partnerships help to develop both the skill and expectation in our students to apply successfully to top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

For those wishing to move forward with apprenticeships, our careers advisor is on site once a week to have one-to-one meetings and work in collaboration with external providers to ensure students have all the information nesseary when moving onwards in the careers.

If there are any questions that you have, that are not answered here, please feel free to contact the academy at