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Parents! Needs some help understanding UCAS applications, deadlines, student finance? We have info just for you! Sign up here.


Masterclasses running this half term can be found via the below link:


If you haven't already done so, why not read the weekly 'must read' books - our next one is a spine-tingling thriller by Sue Wallman.


Mindfulness this week continues with a NNJR of how stress and feeling anxious, affects the body. Students will cover meditation exercises and the benefits of these exercises for young people.


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Harris Girls' Academy Bromley is hiring . Apply now


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The action continues in the labs of with the trainees completing a different set of practicals.


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Our trainees are loving getting involved in the sessions to help to develop their skills! Thank you to the incredible Miss Dent and Miss Ellison training


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Our trainees are in labs at practising the GCSE required practical tasks. Today they are scientists, biologists, chemists, physicists... and amazing, all at the same time.


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Our &T trainees are taking advantage of our of academies by working with the brilliant Amy French from !


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The &T trainees have started their training day with a focus on ! They're &making characters from fabric!


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We've had a great start to our training day ! &T and trainees


HGABR are teaming up with the Bromley Rotary Club as part of the Youth Awards 2018.


Quote of the week: "Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." George Washington


Our students enjoyed helping out with , while wearing their t-shirts with pride


It was a pleasure to help out


Try your hand at our other math's tutor programme challenges this week.


This weeks group read item is about the news item surrounding judges that are in line for a £60k pay rise. Students will be asked to summarise the main points of the article and discuss their thoughts in groups.


Y11 Mock exams are coming up after the half term, so don't forget to put into practice your NNJR revision techniques.


Retweetd From UK Safer Internet

Online challenges and peer pressure - advice for parents and carers to help start a conversation with young people about the risks associated with online challenges.


Reflections this week is looking at the use of stereotypes and how this effects peoples perception in regards to the workforce and other areas.

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