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As part of tutor programme today, students will be looking at .


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Come and join us for our Sixth Form Open Evening - 21 November 2019


At 11.11am today, HGABR will be observing a 2 minute silence.


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Trainee puzzled when learning about error detection / data transfer using puzzles! This is what our scientists are doing this afternoon with !


Check out this weeks must read book!


HGABR Student Commission is starting back this term. Interested in applying? Write a short paragraph about why you think you would be a good candidate and pass to Ms. Montgomery-Hunter by the 29th November.


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8️⃣ top tips for getting the most out of university and college open days, from student blogger Katie!


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There's an absolute of in the dept. Our are loving their focused training day!


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Our are looking at badminton this morning at subject training day held . They are so immersed in the game that they missed their morning break!


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Our scientists are practising the first GCSE praticals of the year. Many thanks to for hosting our practical subjects’ trainees!


Join us for our Sixth Form Open Evening on 21st November 2019!


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And we have landed!!


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What an amazing China trip. 31 students from and have landed in Vienna after 7 full days in Shanghai and Xi’an, China!! Terracotta warriors were amazing!!


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Group 2 is due to arrive at and between 3.30 and 4pm


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Group 2 have landed! We’re off to Naples city, Naples underground and Herculaneum today 🤗🚌✈️#HFNaples


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Group 2 toured the stunning Amalfi coast yesterday 😍 We finished off the day with a talent show, a geography quiz and student awards!


Fact of the day: Margaret Busby is a Ghanaian-born publisher, editor, writer and broadcaster. She became Britain’s youngest and first black women book publisher.


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Group 2 had a great time making (and tasting!) ice cream last night🍦#HFNaples


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Group 2 visited Pompeii yesterday. The pictures just don’t do it justice! we’re off to the Amalfi coast today 🚌


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Some more pictures from our visit to Vesuvius this morning 🌋

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Faculty Structure

Executive Principal

Mr Astin

Head of Academy

 Mr Rigby

Vice Principals

Mrs Collett                             Mr Shewrin                                Mrs Ives


Faculty Directors

Sixth Form                          Blue                                Red                                 Green                                Yellow

Mrs Barling

Mr Wood

Mrs Boothe

Ms Shiyani

Mr Haidar

Sixth Form

Science, Art and Technology

English, Performing Arts

Maths, BICT, Vocational

Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages


Ms Hitchings



Mrs Walker

Ms French

Ms Levins


Mr Watson

Ms Storm

Mrs Heaton-Armstrong

Mr Crow



On their first day, every girl is assigned to one of our four Faculties. Girls identify with their Faculty, which provides a real sense of belonging to a smaller unit within the Academy. Every girl has a Faculty Director and a Faculty Tutor, who take personal responsibility for coaching them, setting goals with them and making sure they settle in well and that they achieve. The four Faculty Directors will work across the Academy, through all age groups, taking responsibility for cross-Academy strategies.

Tutors will track and monitor progression of their students throughout their life in the Academy. The system for celebrating achievement and enterprising attitudes to learning will reflect this structure, as will the sanctions procedures, to ensure that learning comes first.

Girls wear a shield showing their Faculty colour and are encouraged to win points for their Faculty through academic progress and achievement, good attendance and positive contributions in sport, the arts and Academy life more generally.

Year 7 tutors also link in with their Faculty Directors, who, along with the admissions officer, helps to ensure our new Year 7 students have a smooth transition into the Academy.

At Harris Girls' Academy Bromley our Sixth Form is overseen by a Faculty Director and Sixth Form team, that specialises in coaching and monitoring our sixth formers. The Faculty Director has responsibility for the care and wellbeing of their tutor groups.

Our Sixth Form is federated with Harris Post 16 and students on occasion may travel between some of our various campuses. Where any student should need to travel across site for lessons, a timetable is available is the Sixth Form study area.