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Celebrating our , Bromley Experience and Bromley Endeavour Year 9 students who have smashed their end of year assessments, achieved top grades and who our Most Able programmes next year will support in achieving all their goals. Well done ladies 🎉📚🎶⚽️👏🏼


We loved having the Year 6 scientists in the academy today! 🧪 and what polite, mature and kind scientists they are too 😊


Exciting day for our Year 6 scientists! 🧪🔬 They're exploring 's state-of-the-art labs this afternoon, getting a taste of secondary school science. 🚀 Sparking curiosity and building confidence for their upcoming transition.


Some wonderful Year 10s have been busy this week interviewing our Year 12 potential Head Student candidates. Insightful questions, careful note-taking, opinionated young leaders 📝final round interviews next week!


We loved welcoming your girls to join us for our Summer Showcase! Thank you for coming


Wow! What a fantastic afternoon for our Year 5 & 6s at ! 🌟 They were treated to an amazing Summer performance by the talented HABR students 🎭🎶 A perfect taster of secondary school life! Thank you for hosting us! 👏


Our Year 7 scientists participated in the Egg Race yesterday ! They had a brilliant time and came third against some tough competition! Well done girls


These determined Year 11 students may have finished their GSCEs... but today they take on the challenge that is Leith Hill! developing further their initiative and independence as they complete their Silver adventure!


Another hugely successful day at THE HGABR sports day. The whole academy come together to cheer each other on and compete as faculties. This year Red Faculty were the overall winners!


HGABR Annual Sports Day has begun!


🏕️ Our Silver students from Year 10 and 11 have set up camp for night 1 of 2 after a full day of walking! What a brilliant start to the expedition 🏕️


🏆The HGABR athletes have done it again! 🏆 3 years in a row our amazing girls have gained FIRST PLACE at the regional athletics final. We could not be prouder. Tomorrow they will compete for their faculty in the HGABR 2024 Sports Day! 🏃‍♀️🎽


📚 50 BRAND NEW BOOKS just hit the library shelves. Big shout to Miss Jokogbola who convinced the amazing to send us their spare books. We geeked out at the library! 📚


🏆The HGABR athletes have done it again! 🏆 Three years in a row our amazing girls have gained FIRST PLACE at the regional athletics final. We could not be prouder. Tomorrow they will complete for their faculty in the HGABR 2024 Sports Day! 🏃‍♀️🎽


Our Year 6 taster day is in full swing with our new HGABR girls trying out lessons in Art, Science, Mandarin, Drama, Maths & more!


It’s our favourite day of the year! Welcoming our new Year 7 HGABR girls into the fold at their taster day.This morning started with a welcome assembly hearing from our current students sharing their pearls of wisdom


Live in Bromley? In Year 7-11? Join our free football training camp 30th July-23rd August! ⚽️🍝🧃Sign up here ➡️


The sunniest send-off for our Year 13 cohort this afternoon - a year group who have achieved so much, overcome so much but, most importantly, have made the most beautiful friendships - and it was an honour to celebrate that for the final time today. Have an amazing summer!☀️⛱️🌻


Workshops at for our Year 10 Most Able cohort, putting their Shakespeare knowledge and drama skills to the test. Thank you for the opportunity! 🎭📚


Reading Buddies showing off their certificates after a year of hard work 📚📖🏅 Turning up punctually at 8:25am every Wednesday to further their literacy and demonstrate their CORE values: inspirational

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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16-19 Tuition Fund 2023-24

Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley will use the funding provided by the government’s 16 to 19 tuition fund to support students whose education has been disrupted during the pandemic.

Eligible students

All students are in either Year 12 or Year 13 and studying full time at the academy. Eligible students will be selected on the basis of SEN, students with an EHC plan and pupil premium students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Priority will be given to students who have not achieved a grade 4 or 5 in English and/or maths. However, students who have not been able to achieve their full academic potential will be considered for additional support. Data from end of Year 12 exams and induction tests will be used to identify gaps in students' learning and determine students’ eligibility for additional catch-up support.

How the funding will be allocated

The funding will be ring-fenced for the purpose of small group tuition. Therefore, funding will be allocated to the cost of additional tuition uniquely. Identified students will be provided with tuition that is additional to their programme of study. Tuition will take place on a one-to-one basis or very small groups of a maximum of up to five students. Tuition will take place either during the school day, on Saturday mornings or during the school holidays.

Tuition will either take place at the academy, in person, and be delivered by high quality providers from Impress the Examiner who are a third-party provider and who have a strong track record of delivering tutoring to students from our academy that is bespoke to individual student’s needs, or online one-on-one through a company called MyTutor. All tutors from MyTutor are vetted tutors who recently studied the same qualification they will be tutoring. Tutors will be selected on the basis that they are very experienced in supporting students who are preparing for examinations. A Higher-Level Teaching Assistant will support students who have not achieved a level 4 in maths with one-to-one support. Additionally, some class teachers may offer tuition during the school holidays. In addition to maths and English GCSE, the fund will be used to support identified students with additional tuition in both A level and vocational subjects.


The intention is to allocate all the funds awarded to the academy in the academic year 2023-24. The academy will record all students who are in receipt of tuition and evidence the number of hours of funding and how the funding has been allocated for additional small group tuition via the census and individual learner record. The academy will notify ESFA of any unspent funding from this fund at the end of the 2022-23 academic year for it to be reclaimed.