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Retweetd From Miss CH

Such an amazing day running a mock election in my school, with great support from sixth form, year 11 and staff! So much hope for the political engagement of the young people at


Date reminder: Last day of term is 20th December 2019 - School will close at 12.40pm For the academy calendar, see the below link.


Do you spend a lot of time on your phone? whether it be social media or for another reason. This week students will be covering the topic of screen time and how this effects us. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Think about how you can best use them.


Thank you to who have donated a Christmas tree to our playground area. Decorations to go on soon


Thank you to for the wonderful Christmas tree. Not decorated yet, but will be out the front of the school in the next day or two.


Date reminder: Banding Day for prospective students of 2020 - Friday 13th December 2019. For the academy calendar, see the below link.


Date reminder: Y7 Parents' Evening - Tuesday 10th December 2019. For the academy calendar, see the below link.


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Looking forward to meeting lots of prospective teachers today. Always busy, but lots of fun!


Retweetd From Miss CH

Thank you for being so accommodating and accessible for my students on their trip yesterday! They all left feeling inspired and in awe of being in the same room as


Come and join us tonight!


As part of tutor programme today, students will be looking at .


Retweetd From HGABR Sixth Form

Come and join us for our Sixth Form Open Evening - 21 November 2019


At 11.11am today, HGABR will be observing a 2 minute silence.


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Trainee puzzled when learning about error detection / data transfer using puzzles! This is what our scientists are doing this afternoon with !


Check out this weeks must read book!


HGABR Student Commission is starting back this term. Interested in applying? Write a short paragraph about why you think you would be a good candidate and pass to Ms. Montgomery-Hunter by the 29th November.


Retweetd From UCAS

8️⃣ top tips for getting the most out of university and college open days, from student blogger Katie!


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There's an absolute of in the dept. Our are loving their focused training day!


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

Our are looking at badminton this morning at subject training day held . They are so immersed in the game that they missed their morning break!


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

Our scientists are practising the first GCSE praticals of the year. Many thanks to for hosting our practical subjects’ trainees!

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Posted on October 1st 2019

11 Parent Information Evening - 1 October 2019

Further to the Parent Information Evening held on 1 October 2019, please find below the information presented on the evening.

Introduction and presentations from:

  1. Mr Sherwin – The year ahead
  2. Mr Wood – Plan for the evening, advice for preparation for exams
  3. Core coordinators – Information for core subjects

Below are downloadable documents that contain information on subjects in the form of a ‘one pager’ 

Creating a positive space for study and a revision timetable

  1. Storage for notes and resources – have a box or an area where you keep your notes in folders. Put elastic bands around flash cards, and put your mind maps or diagrams up on your wall so you feel a sense of pride at their completion
  2. Make sure that you have a flat surface on which to work
  3. Manage screens – computers are useful for certain types of revision
  4. Working in front of the TV – better to work well for a shorter period and reward yourself with TV
  5. Phones. Turn it off. Turn it back on when you finish your revision task. Use it as a reward
  6. Create a timetable and spread out subjects (but no more than 15 minutes to make it!)
  7. Put your hardest subjects at the times when you have the most motivation
  8. Start the day by ‘eating your live frog’
  9. Build in rewards and self-feedback

For the presentation and documents from the evening, click the following link.