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Our Must Read weekly book suggestion is Little Women. We have even included a word search as a follow up activity.


Mrs Woolcott and Ms Fortmann have been working hard to collate some literary items for our students. Why not check out the free resources they have found, this half term! Struggling for some reading inspiration, then contact Mrs Woolcott for some ideas.


We will miss our wonderful group of Year 13’s but can’t wait to see where they go next!


Miss Dent is challenging you! The turning dance challenge. How many turns can you do in 10 seconds? Let us know how many you did.


A massive well done to Ms Mhlanga who has been awarded for excellence in geography education at secondary level. This is an amazing recognition for the work she has done within her subject!


Retweetd From Richard Maurice

A MASSIVE congratulations to ’s very own Charity Mhlanga for winning ’s Award this year. I couldn’t think of a more deserving recipient. I’m sure that Charity and her fortunate students at will be thrilled! Well done Charity!


Retweetd From Harris Federation Geography

Huge congratulations to Charity Mhlanga, geography teacher for winning the Award for excellence in geography education at secondary level. We could not be more proud!


Retweetd From Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

🎉Congratulations to Charity Mhlanga from School, recipient of the Award for excellence in geography education at secondary level. 🏅


HGABR Staff thoughts 💭


Week 7 of home learning, our students are continuing to show commitment to their learning by answering plenty of questions on Hegarty Maths. Keep up the great work!


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We are fully supporting Mental Health Awareness week. The theme is kindness. This week we are going to spread a lot of 😊❤ How are you going to be kind?


10 goblet squats exercises. Don’t forget to allow 15 seconds break between each rep/exercise.


10 single arm plank


10 get up sit ups


Continuing on with exercise this morning, Miss Dent shows 5 weight based exercises (use cans/tins if you don’t have weights), to keep you active. 10 reps on each side. 10 dumbbell snatch


Miss Dent with a few short videos on different workouts you can do from home. 3 non equipment exercises; Burpes, lunges and tricep dips. Try for 45 seconds and allow 15 seconds of rest between each exercise.


HGABR staff thoughts 💭


A series of amazing work by years 7, 8 and 9

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Posted on February 1st 2017

Join our Sixth Form!

Advice for parents with children thinking about their sixth form choices

For students in our school, sixth form is the perfect bridge to adult life. 

As a campus within the Harris Sixth Form, we offer all the benefits of being part of a large group (including a huge choice of courses) while maintaining the stability and close teacher-student relationships that can only be offered in a smaller environment.  

Students are allowed and encouraged to grow into young adults, but all this takes place in an environment where they are looked after properly without being left to drift. 

Although most of our places are reserved for students already at the school, one of the highlights each September is welcoming new sixth formers who choose to join from elsewhere.

Our sixth form is co-educational, so we welcome applications from girls and boys. For enquiries about availability, please contact the Principal’s PA, Clair Standing:

If you have younger children, it is never too early to begin talking to them about their sixth form education. To help give you an insight into these two very important years, we asked our sixth former Chloe Leigh to write a few words:

“We all know that it can be a stressful time for students when making the transition from GCSE level to A-level. A thousand and one questions run through your mind: is this the right place for me to go? Will I be comfortable there? Do they have everything I need to accommodate my subjects?

These are all questions I asked myself in the run up to starting Year 12. However, when I arrived at Harris Girls Academy Bromley on my first day in September 2015, all of the anxiety I had been experiencing had melted away, and not a single question I had to ask went unanswered.

When welcoming new students into the first year of sixth form, staff are aware of the stresses and worries that these students will be feeling. They are very supportive not just at the start of the year, but throughout the two years of studying. You are always guaranteed to have somebody on-hand if you need any help.

Teachers are aware that there is a jump from GCSE to A Level, and will happily adjust the work they set if students need a little help to begin with. Students are also treated as responsible adults, which makes settling in much easier.

The new building provides excellent new facilities for us and a new study base.

The support we get continues into year 13, particularly with our UCAS applications. This is where students revisit those familiar feelings that we were faced with when choosing a sixth form to attend, although this time around it is with universities!

However, we get a lot of support this time around with help and advice from our tutors on which universities to choose and how to write our personal statements and applications.

Having been there for nearly two years, I can say that the academy welcomes its sixth formers with open arms and caters to the needs of each student. Whatever someone wants to study, and whatever they need to help them, the academy is more than happy to assist!”


Head girl - middle Chloe Leigh and deputies