Well done to the 36 students that took part in the IET Faraday Challenge. They had a day filled with hands-on engineering and active learning. Congratulations everyone!


Check out the Spring edition of our HGABR school newsletter showcasing the latest events and fantastic abilities and achievements of our students!


Years 8 to 13 attended the HGABR Bromley Ambition careers fair where they met employers from different sectors including finance, healthcare, retail and the arts as well as colleges and universities.


Thank you to all the 75 volunteers who gave their time so generously to support our students as they think about their future options.


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It's time for the final Bedrock Stars this school year! Learners, earn 120 points by May 29th to be in the running for our amazing prizes. Teachers, enter your learners by retweeting this post on your school's account. Full T&Cs:


Phil shares his love for reading and writing and talks about the reasons he wrote ‘When the Sky Falls’. He will also talk about his new novel to be published next month ‘While the Storm Rages.


Bromley Libraries are continuing their digital programme of 'Meet the Author' which is shown on their Facebook page. This Sat at on…, you can hear from Phil Earle, author of the shortlisted Carnegie title: When the Sky Falls.


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To all our community please do have a great day. Whether celebrating Eid or enjoying the time just to catch up with family and friends.


Thank you for coming and talking to our students


Thank you for coming and sharing with our students


Our GCSE dancers keeping positive and big smiles in their revision session! Mrs Abbott and Miss Dent are proud of you keep it up!


Would you like free revision sources? Use our Reading Cloud and sign in to access a plethora of approved websites: and also the British Library -


If anyone would like to volunteer at a Bromley borough library this summer, please email the following address: srcvolunteers.ORG Bromley Libraries Children’s Team


HGABR have teamed up with to offer new enrichment activities for our students. Today our girls tested their strength, resilience and focus with professional boxing coaches.


Look what a very lovely parent donated to us today!


On Monday 28th March our Vice Principal Mr Sherwin was amongst staff from across the education sector invited to Downing Street in recognition for their work both during and following the Covid-19 pandemic.


We are delighted that Mr Sherwin has been recognised for all of his work throughout the pandemic and for his continued dedication to the academy.


Year 12 students are thoroughly enjoying their employability mentoring sessions with Nestle.

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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History fires pupils' curiosity, enabling them to delve into a myriad past societies and cultures.

The department aims to create independent-minded, critically thoughtful and enquiring students by:

  • Increasing knowledge of historical periods, people, trends and events – both to develop and retain a rich understanding of the past and to ensure students possess powerful knowledge that makes them ‘culturally literate’. All students should feel empowered through their understanding of their own culture and how they can fit into, and positively influence, the world around them.
  • Providing opportunities to study both representative and diverse histories for each student. This includes the study of a range of local sites.
  • Working like a historian – considering the second order concepts and being able to work with sources of evidence. Students should be able to evaluate the opinions of others, by looking beyond their words to the evidence that these ideas are grounded on. From this, students can make their own informed judgements. This in turn will allow them to communicate and debate effectively.

Curriculum plan - further details of the curriculum can be found in the curriculum plan below.

A more detailed breakdown regarding subject content can be found on the exam board website using the following links:

Edexcel GCSE History

Edexcel A Level History

Textbooks and useful resources

Each year group and topic is fully equipped with textbooks and resources. Resources and planned lessons can be found on the shared drive.

The GCSE courses use a combination of Pearson and Hodder Edexcel GCSE 9-1 textbooks for each unit. Students or parents should speak to the class teacher about useful revision guides.


Curriculum Plan - History 20th Apr 2022 Download
History Careers 25th Nov 2021 Download