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Which staff member is being given an award at 1830 this evening by a member of Royalty?! Click on the link to find out!


We welcomed and to the academy yesterday for our Year 8 Safety First day. A fascinating day with some fantastic sessions and great interaction from our girls.


Poppy Appeal - Thanks received from Royal British Legion


Encourage your child's voice to be shared...calling all budding authors!


RAD Contemporary Dance company in rehearsal - looking forward to seeing the actual performance as this is fantastic!


HGABR Readathon – Read for Good! Help your child’s literacy by encouraging participation in our sponsored read; to help with providing mobile libraries and storytellers to sick children in hospital. It’s a win, win!


A work experience programme will allow students to network with colleagues and learn first-hand about the role and career routes within the company. These degree schemes see students attending university, gain a degree with either full or partial funding.


Year 12 and 13 attended a session PWC's Pathway to Flying Start scheme which offers an insight into degree apprenticeship and school leaver opportunities. Participants are invited to join Pwc's work experience programme for students interested in either accountancy or technology.


Our Year 12 Health and Social Students loved hearing about the amazing work of the Charity when Michelle joined us for our lesson on Friday. Students reflecting on the many roles in the H&SC sector and how they can get involved in the charity!


Who's getting a Christmas feeling?!


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Remembrance Day: To commemorate Remembrance Day and remember the fallen soldiers throughout history and all present conflicts, each class created a poppy and as a school we gathered together in an assembly for a two-minute silence.


Ellie shared that when she first considered becoming a Barrister, she told her dad she was not sure if it was for people like her and from her background. He responded, "If you won't do it, how will that ever change?" An Inspiring message for our students.


Our local MP, Ellie Reeves, visited HGABR today and spoke to students about her path into Law, Politics and her experience as a woman.


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Happy Diwali to those celebrating today 🕯️ Follow the link to find out more about this Hindu festival and why it is celebrated


Our former student Rachel Reeves Reeves faced a 'grilling' from HGABR sixth formers which was referenced in an Evening Standard article!


Rachel Reeves: ‘Speeches won’t change lives, Labour needs to win elections’

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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We believe the study of the ancient Greek and Roman world is fundamental to a full understanding and grasp of the ancient world, modern language and modern civilisation.

By learning about the Latin language, students can sharpen their grasp of both the English language and other languages, become disciplined in the complexities of grammar and appreciate the richness of ancient and modern languages.

Learning Latin allows for an appreciation of the infinitely rich world of Latin literature, which remains a touchstone for all later European literature and contains profound and challenging insights into the human condition that are as relevant today as when the works were first composed.

We intend that through studying Classics our students should have a sophisticated cultural literacy, becoming familiar with the classical mythology which forms the bedrock of much modern art and literature. They will also gain an understanding of the ancient Greek and Roman foundations of philosophy and history and a cultural insight that allows then to reflect deeply about themselves and the lives of others. This can enhance their appreciation of cultural differences, so important in our modern, multi-cultural society.

By studying Classics, students will additionally develop a clarity of thought, attention to detail, and ability to argue a case. Our students will display sophisticated analytical and critical skills and hone their oration skills in argumentation, enabling them to assert their authority and presence in the world of education and preparing them for the world of higher education and work beyond.

Curriculum plan - further details of the curriculum can be found in the curriculum plan below.

Textbooks and useful resources

The Homeric Hymns, Hymn to Demeter: lines 1-104, 3014-474

Hymn to Heracles the Lion Hearted

Plutarch, The Parallel Lives: Comparison of Theseus and Romulus

Livy, The Early History of Rome, 1.0-1.1, 1.3.7-1.4, 1.6.3-1.7.3

Ovid, Metamorphoses

Virgil, Aeneid, 8.154-279

Caecilius Stage 1