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With many people creating new year resolutions, students have been looking into healthy eating and lifestyle choices this week. It's not just about feeling stronger, or more energetic, but ensuring your body gets the nutrients it needs and also building activity into your day.


Quote of the week: "Once the facts are clear, the decision jumps at you." By Peter F. Drucker


This weeks group read and discussion topics cover the recent news about Universal Credit and School budgets; articles by the BBC. Students will look at dissecting the main points of the articles, the issues raised and their thoughts on the topics.


Last night, as part of our A Level Dance course, some of our students enjoyed a great show Theatre, of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake.


Countdown this week is a grand total of 298, using 25 1 75 100 2 50. Did you reach it? Students will also have 3 maths challenges within tutor time to try and complete.


Well done to Laila in Y8 who won last terms Weekly Math's Puzzle. This weeks is a magic square in which all rows, columns and diagonals, have the same total.


Book of the week is Montmorency, by Eleanor Updale. A thief leads two lives, one of a successful and elusive burglar, the other a wealthy gentleman. A complex character with a humorous undertone, makes this book a page turner.


This weeks word of the week is inconsequential. Students need to correctly use the word in lesson time and be the first person to use it!


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Sixth Form students are thinking about metacognition this week and improving their thinking towards learning. Metacognition: It is the ability of the learner to plan, monitor, redirect and evaluate how they think and learn.


Quote of the week: "The past is a guidepost, not a hitching post." By L. Thomas Holdcroft.


This weeks reflection programme covers the topic of New Year's Resolutions. Students will look at the history behind the New Year's resolution and why is it important to set goals and reflect on the year before?


Countdown is back for the New Year. Using 100 75 5 9 7 8, can you get to 204? Why not also try our other challenges.


This week’s must read book is ‘Little Women’, by Louisa May Alcott. A classic story that follows the lives of four sisters.


It is the first week back for the New Year and this weeks word of the week is laborious. New cards are available for collection!


Happy New Year and welcome back to our staff and students.


A polite reminder that school breaks up today at 12:40pm. Have great break and see you on the 7th January - 8:25am


Year 11's getting creative with their choreography moderation task, in festive gear

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Posted on March 27th 2018

#STEM Week

This year’s week of STEM activities, as organized by the Science, Math’s and Art Technology departments, saw an array of exciting opportunities to engage HGABR students into the field of STEM.

Students that took part throughout the week got to make the colours of the rainbow using chemicals and indicators, explored what goes into a firework, tested their engineering skills by building and launching a rocket, took part in a presentation on a dissection of a fish and attended a science based ‘rap battle’, just to name a few of the exciting activities.

Not to be forgotten, students also had the chance to celebrate International Women’s day with a presentation by our Year 9 students, a Q&A session with a First Officer for British Airways and a streaming of the Ted Talk by Jeddiah Isler, on ‘The Untapped Genius’.

Keep reading for some of the other amazing STEM goings-on that took place in #STEM Week.


Year 7 students got to experience the ZooLab, where they met Charlie the snake, as well as other delightful creatures. Students and staff, had the opportunity to hold, touch and ask questions during their sessions, learning about the environments for each animal and the best way to care for them. As you can see, Miss Shiyani and I joined in to say hi to our special visitors.

By Ms Gavin – Coordinator of Science


During STEM week, we had the opportunity to meet Helen Cam, a First Officer working for British Airways. It was a celebration for women in STEM as International Women’s day had recently passed. Helen talked about the progression of her career through civil aviation and what it’s like behind the scenes of an airport. She explained how the life of a pilot is an exciting one where you may never know your next destination. Afterwards, there was a friendly Q&A where all of us were buzzing to ask questions about the specific details of a pilot’s training and career. Helen kindly answered our questions to the fullest and seemed more than happy answering our more difficult questions. It was interesting hearing her talk about her personal life and how she balances flying and family. This goes to show that even amidst a busy schedule there is always time for everything you want to do.
Meeting Helen impacted all of us. Some of our group have aspirations in a career in aviation, and seeing what Helen has accomplished made the dream seem more achievable.  Hearing just how difficult and expensive the education needed is, made us more devoted to try harder in school. Helen advised us to take every opportunity that presents itself to us, as this is the only way to reach your personal goals. The whole talk was truly motivational and we thank Ms. Gavin for organising the talk and Helen for taking time out of her busy schedule to show us a snippet of her life.

By Charlotte and Mahdeia – Year 9

The Math’s department went all out with activities including a Pi(e) baking competition that took place after school on the Friday. We nearly ran out of space with all the participants creating their own bake off showpieces. 1st prize went to Crystal and Nasra in Year 8.

Well done to Chahinez  who stepped up to the Pi recital challenge and accomplished an amazing 250 digits.

Finally, the winners of the whole academy math’s treasure hunt (involving all the staff at the academy) were
Year 7 – Mariam
Year 8 – Hamda
Year 9 – Comfort
Year 10 – Lily
Year 11 – Divya

Well done to all who took part!

By Miss Shiyani – Coordinator of Mathematics

Not to be left out, the art and technology department hosted life drawing sessions with guest appearances from the academy’s quails and other creepy crawlies. Year 7 and 8 students tested their coding skills with a beginners guide to binary, python coding and the BBC micro:bit. While, Miss Bellinger hosted a photography session where students explored the history and chemistry of filters. After a brief demonstration, students developed their own black and white images which can be seen in the art department.

By Mr Meldrum – Teacher of Art, Design and Technology